Boat'z Sen City Signals Page
Here, you will find information and links to my Sen City Signals.

ASB Turnout Link
Setting up ASB Turnout is made easier with its many 'helper' systems!
 NEW Version now available!

These are a set of 10 detailed, British Rail style signals which can be placed and used as normal Trainz signals.  

They have 3 texture sets which will be random when placed, however their appearance can be changed and set in Surveyor using 'properties'.  Electrification screens can also be added.

In addition, they have the option to receive ATLS commands so the signal aspect may be externally modified by an ATLS Controller.

When not using ATLS, these signals are recommended for use by any external controller such as ASB Crossover or ASB Turnout.

Sen City is a fictional name used for my route-building activities.

Page last updated March 2016

The following is a list of my Sen City Signal assets.  Clicking on the picture will link to their Trainz DLS page.  You will need to have a registered copy of Trainz and be signed-in to download the assets.  
  Assets currently shown here should only be downloaded if you run a version of Trainz earlier than TS12.
The latest versions for TS12 and T:ANE are on the DLS.  
Note these obsolete versions may have minor bugs and less features.
To install obsolete versions, click on the link below.  Then select 'Download Page', then 'Download via Direct ftp'.
Save the cdp and install it into your version of Trainz.  Ensure any later versions of the asset are deleted first.

If you are just looking for Tutorials, they are here.

TRS 2009 VersionTRS 2004 Version
3 Aspect Right Hand Side
Signal 3A RHSSignal 3A RHS  - old
3 Aspect Left Hand Side
Signal 3A RHSSignal 3A RHS - old
3 Aspect OH Right Hand Side
Signal 3A RHS OHSignal 3A RHS OH - old
3 Aspect OH Left Hand Side
Signal 3A LHS OHSignal 3A LHS OH - old
3 Aspect OH Centre
Signal 3A CTR OHSignal 3A CTR OH  - old
4 Aspect Right Hand Side
Signal 4A RHSSignal 4A RHS  - old
4 Aspect Left Hand Side
Signal 4A RHSSignal 4A RHS - old
4 Aspect OH Right Hand Side
Signal 4A RHS OHSignal 4A RHS OH - old
4 Aspect OH Left Hand Side
Signal 4A LHS OHSignal 4A LHS OH - old
4 Aspect OH Centre
Signal 4A CTR OHSignal 4A CTR OH  - old
Signal Texture Set
This background asset should download automatically.
A link is provided here as a back-up.

Note - The latest version of this asset remains TRS 2004 build.
(Works in TS12 SP1)
Sen City Signal TexturesSen City Signal Textures  - old