NEW VERSION now GAME SAVEABLE! - Plus now works in T:ANE!
       OK in TS2009 SP4, TS 2010, TS12 & T:ANE SP1,SP2,SP3.  
UPDATE - May 2020.  DOES NOT WORK IN T:ane SP4 or TRS19 - New version in development!

See FAQ for T:ane SP3 and TRS19

ASB Turnout is now DONATIONWARE!

ASB Turnout used to be non-profit payware.  The charge was intended only to cover website costs.
However, automatic charges via PayPal are no longer possible without costly updates to software.
Therefore, ASB Turnout is now effectively free, though I would appreciate a small donation towards my web costs.
Please click on the 'donate' button below and enter any amount you like.
You will then be re-directed to my instant free download page.
If you do not wish to donate, drop me a PM to 'boat' on Trainz Forum and I will e-mail you a copy as soon as I can.

The  file you will download is a single cdp file containing all the assets.  It is 1.9Mb with both Controllers.  Install into Trainz by double clicking or dragging into CMP in the normal way.
Please make a personal back-up copy of the cdp.
Don't forget to check out the 'Extra Dowload' Page.  This has links to free downloads including a demo route so you can experience your copy of ASB Turnout in action straight away.  Plus the page will contain any future updates to ASB Turnout.

See Licence Below

By downloading ASB Turnout you agree to the following.....

ASB Turnout and all its assets are Payware for personal use only.
Excluding a personal back-up copy, they must not be copied or re-sold in any way without the author's permission and a payment negotiated.
My software contains no intentional or known viruses or spyware.  My system is kept up to date with Norton Antivirus (Tm) and this has not indicated any problems.
The items are used at final user's own risk and on the understanding that the author will not be held responsible for any damage to software or hardware, howsoever caused.
Route builders may reference ASB Turnout in their work and that work may be published as freeware or payware without reference to me.  However, the purchased ASB assets themselves must not be passed on.  Any published routes should include details of how and where to obtain the ASB Turnout assets.