These Frequently Asked Questions will be updated as new ones arise.

Q)    Does ASB Turnout work in T:ane SP3 and TRS 2019? 
A)    Although not written for it, ASB Turnout seems to work in T:ane SP3.  BUT.....
There are some major issues when used in T:ane SP4 & TRS19 SP1.  A new version for T:ane/TRS19 is under development, (May2020)

   What is new about the (V2) version of ASB Turnout?
A)     1) ASB Turnout V2 is fully Game-Saveable without the need for ASB Corrector Triggers.  A game will now restore with trains crossing a junction just as they were when you saved the game.
         2) Updated V2 Driver Commands.  Fixes the bug which caused trains running in CAB (Realistic) mode, especially steam trains to sometimes brake or change speed when crossing a junction.  Part of the V2 kit from March 29th 2016. If you purchased V2 prior to this date download free via the Download Page.
         3) ASB Turnout V2 now works in T:ANE SP1 & SP2 and also the following versions of Trainz;  TS2009 SP4, TS2010,TS12 and T:ANE SP1,2.  If you are running an earlier version of Trainz, the old version of ASB Turnout can be found here.

Q)    What happens if I have ASB Turnout Version 1 already installed?
A)    That's OK.  ASB Turnout V2 will just obsolete the old assets.  Any Routes and Sessions you already use will still work as before.  The assets will be fully game-saveable for new saves.  They will not improve any old saves made with V1.

Q)    Why do I sometimes see 'SIGNAL MISSING' messages in T:ANE?
A)    If you're sure no signals have been deleted, there is a T:ANE specific issue which may cause this.  Signals used in ASB Turnout must have a name. Not all signals do.  Prior to T:ANE they just didn't show in Turnout.  Now, T:ANE automatically gives these un-named signals a name so they will show in Turnout.  Unfortunately, T:ANE doesn't always seem to give them the same name everytime you load the game.  If a signal is re-named by T:ANE, Turnout will obviously see it as missing!  The solution is to re-name these auto named signals yourself so they stick.  T:ANE's format is to name the signals 'Signal 1', 'Signal 2' etc.  So if you choose a signal with the format 'Signal ##' then to be safe, re-name it with a unique name of your choice and save the Route before using it in Turnout.
UPDATE - The above is true for early versions of T:ANE SP1.  By HF3, the auto name problem seems to have cleared.  If you are running HF3 and still having 'signal missing' problems try deleting all Turnout assets, then doing a database repair, then reinstalling Turnout.Then maybe another database repair.  If that doesn't do it, e-mail me.  This is now a very rare problem.
I SEE NO SIGNALS! - If you do not get  the 'Signal Missing' message but just see a blank box when you try to add a signal, this is probably an issue related to ER:Timout in Tane.  It can happen on very big routes.  There is a solution.  Please e-mail me - boat (at) boatztrainz.co.uk.

Q)    You say Corrector Triggers are no longer needed so why are they included in the (V2) version of ASB Turnout?
A)    You will still need Corrector Triggers if you design a Session where you have positioned trains between a final ASB Trigger and it's Junction at first start-up.      See the new instructions in the Controller asset or the pdf  Tutorial.  Once things are running though they won't be needed, though it doesn't matter if they are  already there.

Q)    Does ASB Turnout work in T:ANE?
A)    Yes.  The latest version, (V2) of ASB Turnout will work in T:ANE SP1,SP2 & SP2.  It will NOT work correctly in the base version of T:ANE so you must get the free  upgrade to the latest version of T:ANE.  Available here.     

Q)    Why is N3V's Bug-Of-Death so bad? Bug of Death
A)    The bug indicates a script somewhere on your route has failed, probably due to a faulty asset.  That unrelated faulty script can kill ASB Turnout too!  If you see this bug , click on it for info, track it down and remove the faulty asset.  Failure to do so may corrupt ASB Turnout.  
(Exception - T:ANE produces this bug on save if you have missing assets on your map. If that is your only issue, Turnout will be unaffected.)

Q)    Do I need to learn the full Tutorial before I can get ASB Turnout to work?
A)    No.  The Quick Start Guide will show you how to set up a single Junction, (turnout).    That's enough to stop train-thru-train events at the junction and it will make sure your trains go the correct way.  Try setting up a few of those on your route first before you go deeper.  It may be all you'll ever want to do!

Q)    Can I still run ATLS and ASB Crossover on a map with ASB Turnout?
A)    Yes, all 3 systems are fully compatible.  The Channels do not interfere with each other and to use the radio analogy,can be treated as being on a different 'band'.  Using all 3 systems will in fact increase the flexibility of manual train routing around your map as they all work for both AI and manual trains!

Q)    Will ASB Turnout  guide my trains wherever I want to take them on my map?
A)    No.  ASB Turnout  is only designed for Double Track Turnouts.  You will have to revert to normal Trainz methods for complex switching.  However, the system is fully compatible with normal Trainz Driver Commands so you can mix and match along the route.  The only restriction is that any train passing an ASB Junction MUST have ASB Driver Commands in its schedule.  

Q)    How does ASB Turnout stop SPADS?  Other systems which control signals sometimes switch them to red right in front of a train so it can't stop in time!
A)    The ASB Turnout controlled signal at the front of a junction defaults to red and trains only get a clear when its OK for them to go, (up to 4 blocks out).  Therefore this signal will never suddenly go to red right in front of a train.  The signals controlling the rear of the junction could go to red but they won't if they know a train is coming.  If you place the triggers far enough out, a train will have time to stop before the signal.  SPADS may occur  at the point of restoring from a saved game - see below.

Q)    Will ASB Turnout still work if I save and restore a game at a later date?
A)    Yes it will in most cases but there are a couple issues you need to be aware of.  ASB Turnout does not store its active variables to a save so you will need to have ASB Corrector Triggers on your route, (see Full Tutorial).  This will allow the ASB Junctions to re-set themselves after a restore.  This is not normally a problem unless you are unlucky and the fast train that was meant to go hits the Corrector a split after the slow train that was meant to stop.  In this case you may get a SPAD.  The solution might be to save twice a minute or so apart.  Hopefully you won't be unlucky twice!

Q)    Can I use any signal with ASB Turnout?
A)    No, but most are OK.  Some signals have their own internal script which conflicts with the Turnout script.  Generally, any signal that has worked with other signal control systems, (e.g. ASB Crossover) will work with ASB Turnout.

Q)    So could I build a route with ASB Turnout where all trains operate automatically for the whole route forever.  And I could drive any one?
A)    Pretty much, yes.  The demo routes available on the 'Extra Downloads' page are fully automated routes with many trains and you can drive any one.  Some trains include normal Trainz Driver Commands in their schedule too but its amazing how interesting what is basically a multi turnout route can be.  Especially when the next 3 junctions in a train's path can be automatically set for it well before it arrives at the junction.

Q)    Why are there 3 different versions of ASB Turnout?
A)    Different calculations need to be made depending on which side of the 'road' your trains drive on.  For example, if you drive on the left turning right is more difficult as you need to cross oncoming traffic.  It's the opposite if you drive on the right.  Therefore a left handed Controller is needed, and also right handed one.  The third download option contains both Controllers.

Q)    Can I use both the left handed Controller and the right handed one on the same map?
A)    Its not been designed for that but it should be OK so long as they separate lines.  What you cannot have is two-way-running on the same track.  ASB Turnout will not work in that situation.

Q)    I have a main-line junction close to some manual junctions and shunting yards.  The shunt trains will keep crossing ASB Triggers.  Does that matter?
A)    No, so long as the shunt trains do not have any ASB Turnout Driver Commands in their Schedule, the Triggers will ignore them.  You will have to watch out for main line trains though!!!

Q)    I have an ASB controlled junction which I also want to drive manual trains across.  Can I still change the switch with a mouse click if there are no other trains around?
A)    Yes, the switch/point is only locked out when an ASB train is approaching, (when the green lines light up on the Controller).  The rest of the time its unlocked.  Beware though that the junction signal will stay red and if  an ASB train does arrive the junction will switch even if your train is on it.  This will derail your train causing a lot of paperwork!

Q)   You say ASB Turnout is fully compatible with other trains Driver Commands.  What do you mean?
A)    I mean its OK have ASB Commands and any others in a Driver Command Schedule sequence. You can go from one to the other and back again.  The only restriction is that any train which crosses an ASB Controlled junction MUST navigate across it with an ASB Command.   You can't 'NavigateVia' an ASB Junction.

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