ASB TURNOUT Extra Downloads

Download 1)    New Demo Route and Session for both Left Hand Main and Right Hand Main Kits
Note - These assets are Trainz Build 3.7, (TS 12 SP1).  They can also be downloaded from the Auran DLS.  The Routes will also require further dependencies from the DLS.
Download 2)    Driver Commands.  (Update only needed if you purchased Turnout prior to 29th March 2016)
These assets will obsolete 11 of the original ASB DTT Driver Commands, (e.g. Turn Left, Turn Right, Rear Approach etc).  They ensure smooth running while driving in 'Realistic' CAB Mode, including steam trains.  Prior to these assets you may have experienced speed changes and even unwanted braking in CAB Mode when crossing junctions.  These are all kuid2 : issue2 of the assets.
(These assets are now part of the kit if your cdp download is V2.2 or above, downloaded after 29th March 2016)

To install the  above assets, click on the link and  'save'.  Then double click  on the cdp or drag into your Content Manager.

Issue 3.2 Tutorials in pdf format.
(Download and save versions)
Adobe Reader Link
Quick Start Guide LHM
Quick Start pdf Tutorial for LEFT HAND Main running
Quick Start Guide RHM
Quick Start pdf Tutorial for RIGHT HAND Main running
 Full Tutorial LHM
FULL pdf Tutorial for LEFT HAND Main running
Full Tutorial RHM
FULL pdf Tutorial for RIGHT HAND Main running

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