Boat'z ATLS Page
Here, you will find information and links to my original ATLS assets.

ASB Turnout Link
You can have up to 99 ASB Turnout Controllers on any one map!
 NEW Version now available!

ATLS stands for Advanced Traffic Light System. 
It is a set of several core assets designed  to control road traffic and trams in an urban street layout. 

It is also used to control Level (Grade) Crossings and movable bridges to mirror a more prototypical set-up. 

With thanks to Andi06 for his first ideas on road traffic control.

Page last updated March 2019

For ATLS Tutorials click HERE.

HELP! - I just upgraded to ATLS V3 for TRS19 and ATLS has stoppped working!  Answers HERE.

This is where I
used to link to older versions of ATLS assets.  I did this through the old TRS2004 DLS.  This part of the N3V website appears to have been removed in early 2019.   The only way to download earlier versions now is through the game's Content Manager.
Right click on the asset of interest and select, ‘Download This Version’.
(Delete any later versions first). This works in TRS19, Tane and TS12. It may work in earlier versions of Trainz but I am unable to test.  These earlier versions may have minor bugs and less features. Always use the latest version you can!

The following is a list of my ATLS assets for interest only.

ATLS Controller
This is the original ‘brain’ of the system.  It controls all the other assets.
Use this Controller for train/tram and
full Road Traffic Light control.
It sends messages to ATLS Slaves and other assets.
ATLS Controller
ATLS Controller/Slave
This is the best Controller to use if you only want to use ATLS for control of
Level/Grade Crossings.  It works in LCM mode only and is easy to set up.
It contains its own Slave and can be placed on 'live' rail track for ease of use.
ATLS Controller/Slave
ATLS Slave Trigger
This is the new recommended Slave asset.
Attach to crossings, Traffic Stoppers or extra ATLS assets which would
normally be activated by a train.  It takes commands from the Controller.  
Lay a section of any invisible track to place it on.  
It can also 
be placed on 'live' rail track for ease of use.
ATLS Slave Trigger
ATLS Trigger
This asset activates when a tram or train crosses it and sends information to the Controller. 
It is similar to the standard Auran green trigger but with added features.
ATLS Trigger
ATLS Traffic Stopper
This is the original invisible level crossing.  It can be controlled via an
ATLS Slave to stop road traffic at crossings or road junctions.

It can cause traffic to stop on the wrong side of it, so I recommend
using a long Traffic Stopper.  There are many on the DLS.  Search 'Stopper'.
ATLS Traffic Stopper
ATLS 'Re-Set' Driver Command
By request.  Insert into any train's Driver Schedule to re-set
ATLS on a specfic Channel if it goes out of sync.
(Use with care)
ATLS 'trigger' Driver Commands - (Set of 4)
KUID:76656:80001 - KUID:76656:80001
Use instead of an ATLS Trigger to send instructions to the
 Controller from a Driver Schedule.
(Advanced users)
ATLS Driver Commands
ATLS Traffic Light
This is the original road traffic light for visual display in Surveyor and Driver.
It takes instructions from the Controller.
ATLS Lights
ATLS Double Lights
Alternative Traffic Light set, controllable by ATLS

ATLS Double Light
ATLS Tram Stopper
This is an invisible signal to control tram traffic at crossings and junctions. 
It takes commands from the Controller but can also be used as a non ATLS asset.

ATLS Tram Stopper
ATLS Tram Signals
KUID:76656:500030, KUID:76656:500031
A tram signal controllable from ATLS,
Four versions;
Left & Right hand side.
Close and Standard offset.
ATLS Tram Signal
ATLS Corrector
This is an optional Trigger needed if you deliberately design a Session where
trains will start the game in-between ATLS Triggers.
It will correct for trains hitting Triggers in the wrong order at start-up.
ATLS Corrector
ATLS Slave
This is the old and possibly SOON TO BE OBSOLETE Slave asset which connects
to Crossings or Traffic Stoppers.  
Please use the Slave Trigger, kuid 76656:500040 instead.  
Warning - this asset contains an invisible train!
ATLS Slave
ATLS Inverse Slave
Does the same as the ATLS Slave but in reverse. 
Old and possibly SOON TO BE OBSOLETE
This asset creates and deletes an invisible train.  Use with caution!
For experienced users only!  .
Please use the Slave Trigger, kuid 76656:500040 instead.
The above new asset has an 'Inverse' option!

ATLS Inverse Slave
Invisible Train

Old and possibly SOON TO BE OBSOLETE
This is a background asset which should download automatically with the ATLS Slave.  
If you have a pre TRS 2009 version of Trainz then use the TRS 2004 version of this asset.  If you are running TS 2009,
you should ensure you have the latest Invisible Train on your system.  Then you must also ensure you have the latest version of the Slave and if wanted, Inverse Slave and ATLS Xings or the system will not function correctly!  
Invisible Train

In addition to the above core assets, there are also many other ATLS assets by myself and other authors available on the DLS.
In particular, self activating level/grade crossing barriers with flashing lights.  Plus a large selection of USA style traffic lights.
Search ATLS on the DLS