Boat'z ASB Crossover Page
Here, you will find information and links to ASB Crossover.

ASB Turnout Link
Want to control junctions with an ASB?  Plus have automatic routing for manual trains across your map?
Check out ASB Turnout - the Next Generation ASB!  NEW Version now available!

ASB stands for Active Signal Box.

The concept is a visible-in-Surveyor asset which will control both AI and manually driven trains in a specific area or track layout.  
The ASB Controller will also give a visual indication of train traffic active in the area.

ASB Crossover is designed to control train traffic at a remote diamond crossover.  It will not control points/turnouts.  For a reliable method of double track turnout control see ASB Turnout above.

Page last updated March 2016

The following is a list of my ASB Crossover assets.  Clicking on the picture will link to their Trainz DLS page.  You will need to have a registered copy of Trainz and be signed-in to download the assets.  
Assets currently shown here should only be downloaded if you run a version of Trainz earlier than TS12.
The latest versions for TS12 and T:ANE are on the DLS.  
Note these obsolete versions may have minor bugs and less features.
To install obsolete versions, click on the link below.  Then select 'Download Page', then 'Download via Direct ftp'.
Save the cdp and install it into your version of Trainz.  Ensure any later versions of the asset are deleted first.

Some current assets remain TSR 2004 Build.  These assets will also work in TS 12 & T:ANE.
If you are just looking for Tutorials, they are here.

DescriptionTS12^ VersionTRS 2004 Version
ASB Crossover Controller
This is the ‘brain’ of the system.  It controls the signals which you assign to it after receiving information from the Triggers.
ASB Crossover ControllerASB Crossover Controller - old
ASB Crossover Trigger
A specialized Trigger which sends information to the Controller. 
Lights up blue or yellow when in use.
ASB Crossover TriggerASB Crossover Trigger - Old
ASB Crossover Corrector Trigger
This is an optional asset.  It will attempt to clear any stuck trains which may have started a Session in-between ASB Crossover Triggers.
See the ASB Crossover Tutorial for more information.
Lights up blue or yellow when in use.
ASB Crossover Corrector TriggerASB Crossover Corector Trigger - Old
Clickety Clack Trigger
This is an optional asset for a bit of fun.  It makes a clickety clack noise when trains pass over it, (like a train over a point).
Note - The latest version of this assets remains TRS 2004 build.
It has issues in some versions of Trainz and is on the list for update.
Clickety Clack TriggerClickety Clack Trigger - Old
ASB Trigger Textures
This is a background asset which should download automatically.  Allows Triggers to ‘light-up’ in their respective colours.  If yours do not change colour, make sure this texture asset is on your system.
Note - The latest version of this asset remains TRS 2004 build.
ASB Crossover TexturesASB Textures - old
ASB Crossover Demo Map
A demonstration of ASB Crossover.

Note - The latest version of this asset remains TRS 2004 build.
ASB Crossover Demo MapASB Crossover Demo Map - old
ASB Crossover Demo Session
For use with the map/route above
Note - The latest version of this asset remains TRS 2004 build.
ASB Crossover Demo SessionASB Crossover Demo Session - old